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Class Action Employment

Mahoney Law Group handles consumer class action lawsuits in both state and federal courts, whether brought by a single individual or on behalf of a class of consumers.

Employers frequently engage in practices that violate California labor law. In large companies, the violation is usually pervasive, affecting a large number of employees of the company, for example failing to pay overtime, misclassifying employees as contractors, discriminating against a particular group, or routinely denying employees family medical leave. When this is the case, a class action by the whole class of affected employees is often an powerful way to put an end to these unfair and illegal practices. There is strength in numbers, and when employees make a collective effort to oppose their employer, they have more leverage.

If you are aware of a pervasive illegal employment practice in the company where you work or worked, consider consulting an experienced employment class action litigation attorney to advocate for your group. Large companies have very aggressive legal teams working in their defense, so you need to have the best lawyers you can find on your side.

Unfair Practices We Litigate

  • Not Paying Overtime
  • Misclassifying regular employees as management to avoid overtime pay
  • Misclassifying regular employees as 1099 contractors to avoid payroll taxes, minimum wages, and overtime
  • Requiring employees to work without required breaks
  • Routinely denying family medical leave
  • Failing to reinstate employees following family medical leave
  • Retaliating against employees who take family medical leave
  • Discriminating based on disability, sex, religion, national origin, or race
  • Pervasive sexual, racial, or religious harassment
  • Retaliating against employees for filing labor law violation complaints

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